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Simon and Linda celebrated their wedding day against the dramatic backdrop of a stormy Churchhaven sky. This is their wedding album.


The wedding album of Wayne and Louise is in the works.

Most of the pages were created in Photoshop, and then dropped into the Booksmart templates as a picture. The rough borders around some of the pics were created by scanning a darkroom image, cutting out the pic and creating a template. Using layers, I would drop in the images that I wanted to give the rough border effect, resize them using the Transform tool, and finish off with some grunge brushes.

The album contains some their Trash the dress pics at the end.

The ‘trash the dress’ shoot has become quite trendy. It’s a fun, relaxed way to show off your wedding dress without worrying about having to do your first dance with bits of seaweed attached to your hem, or trailing bits of leaves and bark through the entrance hall of the Mount Nelson.

This shoot on the beach was great fun, and I think I was about as wet as the model by the end of it.

I would like to add to the ‘trash the dress’ option the ‘celebrate the dress’ option – getting it all dressed up and fabulous, and shooting in the studio.


I loved photographing this couple. They were so fresh, young, unspoilt and completely in love. They are living, laughing, loving proof that a strong spiritual life permeates and enriches every part of your everyday life.

Andy and Warren (35) gradient

Andy and Warren (63)b gradient select                          IMG_9976 gradient crop 

Andy and Warren (106) b&w

Cape Town is spoilt for picturesque venues. This couple celebrated their wedding at Monkey Valley, Noordhoek, and wanted to have their photos taken on the beach.

These pics were taken at the same time (around six o’clock) as the pics posted here, but the quality of light is completely different. The Noordhoek pics were taken in January, while the ones in the earlier post were taken in April. 

(The little ‘just married’ suitcase was the bride’s creation.)


I like to give my bridal couples some time to wander off during the shoot, give them time to catch their breath, and use a long zoom to capture some candid moments, like drawing hearts in the sand …


… or sneaking a kiss …


Despite her fabulously designed floor-length dress, this bride was happy to hitch up her skirts and run through the waves, giving a glimpse of lacy garter and flashing a gorgeous pair of long brown legs …


… emerging from the icy water, ready to face the reception and dance through the night …


… or maybe just keep walking towards that brand new life together …


There can be no lighting better than the warm hues of a beach sunset …




It even works in monochrome …