About me

Thank you for browsing through my mini portfolio of wedding pics. More of my work, especially wedding, portrait and boudoir photography, can be viewed here. I have two other blogs, the one here is a reworking of my travel journal pages, along with the photographs I have taken on my journeys, and the one here contains the day’s images and notes about the shoot.

I am a freelance photographer living and working in Cape Town, South Africa. I love photographing women, teenagers and children, and can get equally lost in the minute detail of macro photography and in the vastness of travel photography.

I have more than ten years’ experience in wedding and portrait photography, and favour the ‘fly on the wall’ style: keeping well out of your way and photographing the special moments as the day unfolds. Of course, if you need input from me, I’m always ready to make suggestions and offer assistance. My belief is that the day is all about you. I am merely there to help make sure that that’s the way it stays.

Please visit my photo websites, the one here showing my portfolio in greater detail, and the one here containing my stock images, which cover a wide range of subject matter.

Should you wish to contact me, please drop me a mail at seastar@iafrica.com

Looking forward to seeing you my studio or at your wedding!


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