So you need to fit into that wedding dress

Posted: August 13, 2010 in Fitness
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All brides want to tone up at least a little bit before walking down the aisle in that most beautiful dress of all. Losing weight and getting into shape is difficult, though, especially if you’re not naturally thin, or particularly fond of running, cycling or gymming. Thoughts of lipo, and nips and tucks start mulling about your mind as you try to push yourself away from that cafe latte, or make a feeble attempt at resisting that glass of red wine. As the big day draws nearer, the idea of wiring your jaw starts to seem less insane.

But we all know the only way to get into shape, and stay that way, is through diet and exercise. And if you exercise cleverly – and regularly – the diet bit isn’t so bad. I can vouch, from personal experience, that a personal trainer is a guaranteed (almost – nothing in life is guaranteed) way of getting into shape, and doing it fairly quickly.

If you live in Cape Town, I can highly recommend Lucas from Fizeeks in Training. He has been pummelling my body for about ten weeks now, and not once have I felt I want to give up … well, okay, in the middle of a session, maybe, for a moment …

Incorporating weights, cardio, Pilates and boxing, each session is different, so you never feel stale or bored … tired, yes, gasping for air, but not bored! And, as encouraging as he is, the greatest encouragement is when you zip up those jeans and they go ‘ZZIIIPP!’ (not ‘ungh … ugh … zhiph …’) and when your partner starts poking at your thighs going … ‘Geez … firming up!’

If this all sounds like too much hard work to you, he also teaches Zumba, which is a great way to wake those snoozing muscles. You’ll dance, you’ll laugh and you’ll work up a sweat, growing fitter without even knowing it. For the more agile, there’s Cape ‘oeira, the Afro-Brazilian fusion of martial arts and culture, apparently created by the African slaves in Brazil back in the days of slavery – beautiful to watch and, I should imagine, great fun to do.

Take a look at his website here or join his ning network here. And then don’t sit around – get out there!

  1. Lucas says:

    Wow I’m very impressed and thank you for your kind words. You do make the effort and that’s also why its evident with your results. I keep the training fun, fresh and to the point. Keep up the hard work. Axe coach L

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