A wedding somehow seems complete only when there are little girls dressed up as princesses – miniature versions of the bride. They seem to be more starry-eyed and excited than the bride herself.

A recent wedding had two little girls, identically dressed, complete with up-do, nail varnish and mascara, who were thrilled to be part of the proceedings, and equally thrilled to be photographed at every opportunity.

Getting ready involves paying as much attention to details  such as accessories and perfume as the bride does.

A little heart-shaped bling completes the look

Heart-shaped bling completes the look

Every girl needs a stroke of glittery body lotion

Then there’s the preening in front of the mirror … well, what’s the point of being a girl if you can’t preen in front of the mirror … right?

How do I look?

BFF ... we look FAbulous!

A quick peek to see how the bride’s preparations are doing …

Flowergirls taking a peek through the bride's bedroom door

And then they’re ready …

Little flowergirls, ready to go

Transport befitting a princess whisks the girls to the venue …

A limo ride for the princesses

And one of the great things about being a flowergirl is that you get front row seats, which is a good thing, because if your feet don’t yet touch the ground when you sit on a chair, there’s little chance of seeing the fairytale over the heads of the grown-ups.

Little feet that can't yet reach the ground

Little feet that don't yet reach the ground

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