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Deirdre Hewitson WSA (1)A sometime model, this bride was absolutely exquisite. The creativity and attention to detail that went into every minute aspect of this wedding turned the whole event into a work of art. Add to that a room filled with love and Freshly Ground as the musical entertainment, and it’s a wedding day to remember.

These pics were both taken with Kodak 3200 black & white film. The pic above was given a bit of treatment in Photoshop after scanning.

Deirdre Hewitson WSA

The three pics below were also taken on film, scanned and given some grunge border treatment.

Deirdre Hewitson WSA (3)

Deirdre Hewitson WSA (7)

Deirdre Hewitson WSA (13)This bride wore the most eye-catching, dramatic fuschia bead-and-tulle dress. I desaturated the image in Photoshop, leaving the dress saturated to make it pop.

Deirdre Hewitson WSA (12)