There is a special connection between photographer and sitter, or model, while the photographs are being taken, and so I like all the women I photograph – especially the brides. And yet some stand out in memory a little more than others.

This bride was simply glowing with the love she shared with her friends, her family and her husband. Everything seemed effortless to her, and with her bright smile and sparkling eyes, she was simply lovely to photograph.

Window light is my favourite light for portrait photography, and I’m always most happy when the bride has selected a getting-ready venue that has large windows with good light. This venue’s downstairs area, where my very punctual bride was already dressed and made-up and ready to go, was dark and disappointing, and so I phaffed about trying to get a decent shot or two. They were okay, but not inspiring, not what I was looking for.

Then she decided to wander up the narrow starcase to the bedroom to check on the progress of her bridesmaids. I followed, hoping to capture an intimate moment between friends.

And then she gave me the shot: she sat down on the bed to watch the bridesmaid’s make-up being done, and the morning light filtered through the window behind her, illuminating her hair and creating a golden halo around her.



Outside in the garden things became more challenging. The summer sun rises early and quickly becomes contrasty. I don’t like shoving my clients about, and so have to make the best of things if we don’t make it to the good light while it’s there … and so I had to resort to my trusty reflector to keep the extreme shadows at bay.

Things were easier in the shadows, where a friend was busy polishing the yellow porche – the only thing bright enough to match my bride’s smile – that was to ferry her to the church.



  1. Indeed she is beautiful…and so is your work.

    • dhewitson says:

      Hi – Thank you so much for your comment; the first on this new blog of mine. Your blog is very enticing. I love the way you see the world, and invite your guests to follow you.

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